Generate more revenue from your live stream with one of the World's Largest Advertising Networks

What is it?


Monetizing live streams is challenging. And yet, as TV audiences shrink, large advertisers seek to reach live sports viewers online now more than ever.

FOXBAT connects live stream rights-holders with advertisers by providing a turnkey ad insertion platform backed by an experienced ad ops team and one of the world's largest advertising networks. Supercharge your revenue potential with FOXBAT's suite of proprietary live stream tools.

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Streaming Platform

FOXBAT has been built from the ground up to manage dynamic ad insertion in live sports events. Buffer-free server side insertion ensures a smooth viewing experience.

Ad Network Integration

To fill remnant ad inventory, we tap into FreeWheel, one of the world's largest advertising networks. This creates a new revenue stream while automating ad tracking, industry separation and frequency capping.

Ad Ops

Ad Ops is making sense of all the possible networks and configurations, and piecing them together to make more money. We maximize the value of your ad inventory so you don't have to.


Foxbat works like any other livestream platform, except it has the ability to personalize ads, from you or a third-party, for your viewers.

Unlike other live platforms, you gain the ability to target and track each ad seen. Does a sponsor want to know if their ad ran? You can give them an exact number of viewers who saw that ad.

And If it's a third-party ad, we send you a check.

In addition, Foxbat provides a comprehensive analytics suite specifically designed to help you optimize your ad revenue.

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Platform Features

1080p ABR HTML5 streaming
Cloud Transcoding
Worldwide Infrastructure
Cross Platform Real-time Analytics
24/7 USA Based Support
Event Monitoring

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